Silverhand's Bardic Night has its origin as an idea conceived in the summer of 1997 when Chris and Lisa first had the pleasure of attending several SCA (Society for Creative Anachronism) events.

A day in the re-enacted Middle Ages unfolds like this: After the fighting tournaments, Court and the evening feast are held, the night belongs to the Bardic Circle. A fire is made and revelers gather 'round to dance, spin tales, play tunes and sing songs, all with an air of the magic of a bygone era. This lasts well into the night, often ending with a round of sing-a-longs, until all retire to their campsites.

In order to capture this revelry and introduce it to a wider audience, Silverhand launched Bardic Night at the Blue Pine Brew Pub in Grants Pass, Oregon. They had so much fun they decided to make it a regular event. Bardic Night quickly grew to be a huge success.

The Bardic Night evening typically starts and ends with Silverhand performing rousing sets of Celtic dance tunes and original songs. Inbetween, the best local talent perform a variety of acoustic music with a Celtic and Middle Eastern flavor. The festivities are highlighted by performances of Middle Eastern Dance.

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Tim Bullard, Silverhand's favorite photographer, captures the spirit of the evening in this series. Click on the thumbnail to view the larger image.

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