New From Laughing Raven:

50 Unorthodox Guitar Scales

The TOP PLAYERS in Blues, Rock, Jazz, Country and Rockabilly KNOW

how to creatively mix contrasting tonalities in many different soloing

situations. Such players have drawn from a wide range of stylistic

sources, enabling them to play SPECTACULAR "outside" runs that work

PERFECTLY in varying musical contexts.

But how does a learning player find all the right notes without spending

YEARS sorting through numerous playing styles?

Now there is an answer:


The contrasting tonalities, "outside" runs, chromatic nuances, and other

cool stylistic "abnormalities" are built right into these scales giving you

startling new possibilities to explore. Each one is presented in both chart

and tablature form so reading music notation is not necessary.

Extra “Dickey Betts style ” scale included as added bonus!

Only Laughing Raven offers a collection of scales like these!

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